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"politicsnation" starts right now with reverend al sharpton live from washington, d.c. rev, that had to be one heck of a day in american history to be a part of that. >> no, i was very honored to be part of it. it was an exciting day, a great day. we're going to talk about it on "politicsnation," ed. and you did a great job saturday at the march. we really enjoyed you. you have a little preacher in you. >> i do. i haven't unleashed it all yet, rev. >> all right. all right. >> "politicsnation" starts right now here on msnbc. rev, take it away. >> all right. thank you, ed. thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead, the dream lives on 50 years after dr. martin luther king jr. inspired the nation. america's first african-american president reminded us -- reminded all of us that today's economic inequities mean there's still much more work to do. i was there for the day's commemoration as some 100,000 people gathered to hear more than 200 speakers. everyone from former presidents, carter and clinton, to activists and civil rights leaders. at points there was a spontaneous song
that changed america forever. the march on washington. august 28th, 1963. people of all races, regular people from all walks of life marching against injustice, marching to change history. a day when the voices of the movement echoed across america. >> we are of a massive moral revolution. >> how long can we be patient? we want our freedom and we want it now. >> a call to action and a call for peace. the words that inspired a people, a nation, and the entire world. >> free at last, free at last, thank god almighty we are free at last. >> tonight, a special two-hour edition of "politicsnation." the march on washington. the dream continues. >> good evening. i'm al sharpton live from the lincoln memorial here on the national mall. 50 years ago hundreds of thousands of people stood where i am. right now watching history. millions more watching at home seeing the leaders of the civil rights movement, call for justice and equality. powerful speeches and powerful music from singers like lahalia jackson, bob dylan. tonight we'll hear those voices. we'll also hear from congressman john lewis. i talk t
just blown a fuse. turns out the facts got in the way. >>> plus the march on washington 50 years later. we'll take you behind the scenes before the march when the skeptics and the cynics were telling dr. king to slow down. >> instead of slowing up, we must push at this point and we must continue to move on. and i'm convinced that our moving on will not only help the negro cause so to speak, but the whole of america. >>> also what's on your mind? e-mail me. friend or foe i want to know. reply al is ahead. i'm live from california tonight. stay with us. [ man ] this isn't my first career. but it might just be my favorite. [ female announcer ] welcome to the new aarp. we're ready to help you rediscover purpose and passion with programs like life reimagined to inspire you and connect you, resources to help turn your goals and dreams into real possibilities. aarp, an ally for real possibilities. find new tools and ideas for work, money, health and fun at >>> have you joined the "politicsnation" conversation on facebook yet? we hope you will. many of our facebook fans
at barack obama and pointing fingers. why don't they call. why don't they come back to washington. why don't we come together? because right now president obama has three audiences. he does have the american people. but secondly, he has the congress of the united states, where in that constitution that ted cruz and the tea party folks want to keep citing, congress has the authority to declare war or these acts of war. not the president. so why isn't congress getting back in and figuring that out? and thirdly, the united nations security council. rev, we should call for an emergency national security meeting to get on the record russia and china where they're going to stand when these were crimes, when these weapons are used against women and children and are willing slaughtered, where are they when it comes down to the assad regime. >> and it's interesting, congressman schiff, when you have cruz saying trying to tie obama care and syria together and making some political point like the president is stepping over the bounds last time i looked, you're a member of congress, obama care is the
president obama. >>> also, in the wake of the republican snub of the march on washington, bill o'reilly is on the defensive. >>> and on a week we celebrate progress, it's the remarkable story of a man with a front row seat to civil rights history. why the butler movie moved the president to tears. my interview with "the butler" director and hollywood ground breaker lee daniels is coming up. sup homies?! ready in a minute dad. what's the 411? i can meet you in the car. nah, bro! i'm cool. i'm just chillmaxin'. is there something that you wanted? we can't just spend a little qt as a posse? on the download? dad, why are you talking like that? i was just hoping you would give me the last piece of bacon. holler! holla... i don't know. [ male announcer ] when it comes to common language we all speak bacon. the very best cuts naturally hardwood smoked. it's unanimous food. it's oscar mayer. female narrator: through monday, get three years through monday, get three years interest-free financing and save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financi
by the ghost of shutdowns past. it is received wisdom in washington that the 1995 government shutdown was a terrible loss for republicans and we should never go there again. i don't believe the evidence supports that conclusion. >> the shutdown wasn't a terrible loss for republicans? it turned newt gingrich into a national laughingstock. it cost him his job as house speaker and sent president clinton soaring to reelection. but these gop extremists don't care. take house majority leader eric cantor. he wants even more spending cuts. >> but the house really is the only one who has consistently engaged in trying to address the spending problem, all the while keeping our eye focused on trying to deal with the ultimate problem, which is this growing deficit. >> the growing deficit? that's just wrong. the deficit has gone down by $800 million since the president took office. that the fastest deficit reduction since world war ii. the gop agenda literally doesn't add up. that's why their big challenge now is not on the facts but on how to confuse voters. republicans are heading home armed wit
that ole party. just cruel. joining me now is congressman jim mcdermott, democrat from washington, and joan walsh, editor at large for thank you both for coming on the show tonight. >> thanks, reverend al. >> good to be here. >> congressman, how can the gop justify putting politics before people like this? >> well, it's because they don't know what people feel, i guess. that's the only way i can explain it. because they're all talking about money and deficits and this kind of stuff. they're not looking at the people, like that little girl. if you look at people who are in the waiting room or in the emergency room and realize that they waited too long because they didn't have health insurance, you wish that they could have a health insurance system, and that's really what the president is offering to the country. we're not taking over the health care system in the government, we're offering people an opportunity to buy in to private health care plans at a cost that they can afford, and that's really taking away that anxiety is really what this is all about. but the republicans hav
for tuning in. i'm live tonight in washington, d.c. tonight's lead, driving back the gop's anti-voting drive. one of the most respected republicans is slamming his party for trying to restrict voting rights. and he is issuing this warning. >> these kinds of procedures that are being put in place to slow the process down and make it likely that fewer hispanics and african-americans might vote i think are going to backfire because these people are going to come out and do what they have to do in order to vote. and i encourage that. >> so colin powell says it's going to backfire, that people will come out and vote. well, they came out this weekend. you could see it. you could feel it. the parks department says some 178,000 people used the city's metro system, most to go to the rally and march. we came out to retrace the steps of dr. king and others, and to say we will fight for our right to vote. >> i gave of blood on that bridge in selma, alabama, for the right to vote. i am not going to stand by and let the supreme court take the right to vote away from us. you cannot stand by. you cannot sit
caught up and know what the story is. the sale of "the washington post" is a tricky matter for the single region that it is an original source of knowing what you and i should know about. and that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "politicsnation" with al sharpton starts right now. >> thanks, chris, and thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead, hey, republicans, let's get ready to crumble! the gop is going to cave when it comes to health care. it's not a matter of if, just when. need an example? today president obama visited arizona. and just look who went to the airport to greet him, republican governor jan brewer. look, she is all smiles. gee, isn't that a big change from her last airport pickup. last year, governor brewer was waving her finger in the president's face. she was defiant. back then, she was one of the health care law's strongest critics. that was then. this is now. just listen to her sing the praises of the law just last month. >> in a few minutes, i will sign into law legislation that extends cost-effective health care to hundreds of thousands of arizona'
. >>> thanks to you for tuning in. coming to you from washington, d.c. tonight's lead, heartless gop conservatives are reaching deep into their bag of insults to attack americans who are hurting. and to justify what has increasingly become a republican party hostile to those in need. on fox news, bill o'reilly can't wait to give you his expertise on poor people. >> most of the poor are in that circumstance because of poor personal decision making. this country offers great opportunity to everybody, but you must work hard to seize it. >> poverty comes from poor decision making? what about if you're a child and poor? is your decision making under suspicion? this cartoonish stuff isn't new for the likes of hannity, beck, or o'reilly. >> my contention is that the obama administration is encouraging parasites to come out and, you know, take as much as they can with no remorse. and this is how a country declines. this is how we become a weak nation. >> so if you need food stamps, you're a parasite. that wasn't exactly his language when he supported billions of dollars to bail out bankers i
them every step of the way for. joining me now is congressman jim mcdermott, democrat from washington. and melissa harris-perry, host of the melissa harris-perry show here on msnbc. first, thank you both for joining me. >> yes, thanks. >> good to be here. >> congressman, i'm up in arms about this. you went to medical school. how do you diagnosis this obama care obsession among republicans? >> well, it reflects a moral implosion. there is nothing left of their morality. they want to take away benefits which are already in place from obama care, which have been going on, putting your kids on until age 26. no more -- guaranteed issue. no more keeping people off because they have some preexisting condition. all of those things, they want to take away from people. they want to make it worse. and then they turn around, and they're talking now about this whole business of repealing it totally with absolutely no alternative. they've been here 16 years out of the last 18 years. we have never seen or taken a vote on a republican alternative. they are bankrupt. >> never took a vote on an alterna
from "the washington post." thank you both for joining me. >> thanks. >> good to be with you, rev. >> e.j., has the rodeo clown become a symbol for everything that is wrong with the gop right now? >> oh, i don't know. i think there is a sort of clown car aspect to all of this. i mean, it's really striking that people who are talking about the problems the party confronts aren't just liberals or democrats. there is the piece today in politico under the great headline "eve of destruction" about how worried republicans are about the signal they're going to send if they shut down the government or let us default on debt. republicans are very worried. and in this business about debates, i mean, i don't particularly care where republicans debate, and i don't think democrats would actually pay rush limbaugh's airfare if he were chosen as one of the debate moderator. but no debate moderator forced mitt romney to talk about self-deportation or forced rick perry to forget about an agency of government. i still think they need to worry a whole lot more about the message, including the message sent
person in washington really if you go through any poll, she's very popular. actually with republicans and democrats. i think a big part of that is the way she spends her time. she is out there with military families. she's out there promoting her let's move campaign. she lets all this criticism go to the wayside and continues to do work that nearly all americans think is important and valuable. i don't think there's really any room to criticize her with the way she uses the office in a way that's there to help most americans if not all americans. i think her popularity is a reflection of that. >> goldie taylor and patricia murphy, thank you both for your time this evening. by the way, i would challenge rush limbaugh to a foot race. >> i would. >>> shark week "politicsnation" style. that's next. the last four hours... have seen one child fail... to get to the air sickness bag in time. another left his shoes on the plane. his shoes. and a third just simply doesn't want to be here. until now. until right... booking now. planet earth's #1 accommodation site. booking.yeah diarr
't worry about your washington politics. solve problems. >> solve problems. that's the key. >> absolutely. and, you know, what he didn't say, but is the other kind of underlying thing there is of course the voting rights act was so successful in solving its problem that the supreme court used its very success against it saying well, we now no longer need the preclearance on the voting rights act because it's been so successful. i mean, the president by invoking social security, by invoking the civil rights act is telling us how historic and important immigration reform can be. no bill is perfect. and when they have been perfect, when they have been really good, this supreme court has actually used that against us. >> and politically, i don't think it's going to help the republicans. my mother used to say don't cut off your nose to spite your face. melissa harris-perry, thank you for your time tonight. and be sure to catch melissa harris-perry on saturdays and sundays at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. >>> still ahead, republican town brawls. the gop lost control of the tea party monster they cre
sharpton starts right now. \s. >>> i'm live tonight from washington, d.c. tonight's lead, a taste of their own medicine. president obama hit the road today with a message aimed at republicans he es had enough. >> we've seen a faction of republicans in congress that suggest that maybe america shouldn't pay its bills that have already been run up, that we should shut down government if they could shut down obama care. you know, that won't grow our economy, that won't cede jobs, that won't help our middle class. >>> he's right, we could afford it. what doesn't the gop understand? the law was passed, signed into law, upset by the supreme court, reaffirmed by the election. bron chanting. >> gentlemen, thank you for sharing your views. why would you oppose december it's going to. >>> the people have made it clear they're sick of the gop games and the president's going to make sure that republicans get that mijts. joinings me now, thank you for coming on do republicans think they can stop the law? ibilities i think this is definitely just a big show for their base, and particularly in th
this president. is it any wonder that there is a gridlock in washington? that nothing can get done. the other doesn't even believe that our president should be president. no wonder they refused a compromise. even for the good of the country. joining me now are goldie taylor and ari melber. thank you both for copping on the show. >> thanks, rev. >> thank you, reverend. >> goldie, let me start with you. is it any wonder we can't get anything done? i mean, the other side keeps trying to delegitimize the president. >> i think, you know, i am all for a strong two-party system. in fact, i wish there were a strong third party. i think that's where the real work gets done in terms of moving this country forward. but, you know we have a system with checks and balances where our president gets together with this congress and tries to really work it out. we haven't seen any of that over these years since president obama has been in office. i've called it obama derangement syndrome. there were people in this country who did not believe that we would elect an african-american president. in fact, they were
-malika henderson from "the washington post." thank you for coming on the show. >> great to be here. >> thanks very having us. >> abby, mock obama day? maybe it's a joke to the far right, but isn't this the mentality that is hurting the party? >> no, you're absolutely right. and this lack of leadership goes without even saying. it's one thing if you want to mock a certain issue or a policy. if you don't agree with obama care, go ahead and write. that's what democracy is all about. this is below that. this is a personal attack. it also sets the tone for the upcoming generation this name-calling is okay. not just name-calling, but the president of the united states. what happened to respecting our political leaders? i think that's gone. and when you have folks that have a microphone like glenn beck, it's a sad time when you see him actually promoting this type of language. >> but why aren't the more stable and the more adult-minded republican leaders denouncing this? >> i think you're seeing it more and more. and you're going to continue to see. you even have mitt romney who is the nominee, nine mont
meeting going on in boston. "the washington examiner" says rush limbaugh, sean hannity and mark levin are being eyed as 2016 debate moderators. >> which is amazing. i love the idea, frankly. it's funny, because their justification is we want to hear from the real grassroots conservatives. now anyone who was watching the debates last time around did not have any problem hearing from the quote/unquote real grassroots conservatives. the problem was that those debates pulled their candidates so far to the right, exposed the baseness and the extreme nature of the party. i don't think there is anyone better to do that than a rush limbaugh and a sean hannity and a mark levin. >> well, today, goldie, rush limbaugh told his audience he doesn't know if it will work because he is too famous. take a listen. >> i don't see how i can do it. i'm too famous. this moderating republican debates. did you see that throughout? i think i'd overshadow it. i'm too famous. it would be a tough call. it would be a real, real, real tough call. anyway, well, yeah, yeah, yeah. it could get ratings. there is no que
in washington. >> actually, i think women are fine with decisions made in washington. if those decisions protect their rights. one year after the legitimate uranium debacle, republicans are still a party without a clue. joining me now, elise, president of naran, pro-choice america. thanks for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> has the right learned anything since todd aiken crashed and burned last year? >> i think the evidence is clear that they have not. this is such a problem for the party that they sent their house gop members to a training about not talking about rape. and yet what we're saying is the problem is not in what they say. it is in what they believe. and that has had disastrous effects at the state legislature this year. 70% of abortion restrictions passed this year have no exception for rape. think about that. you've got a woman in the most vulnerable point in her entire life. she's just experienced the unimaginable. and she has got men telling her what she can and cannot could as she moves forward through this trauma. it is unconscionable and it is not in line with where
." >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. let me start with this. it's a ghastly story, more ghastly than most can imagine. three women kept captive in the dark for over a decade, again and again raped, chained to walls.
at washington too. she is starring in the new movie "the butler", based on the life of a man who worked as a white house butler for eight presidents. she recently made a rare political endorsement for newark mayor cory booker's new jersey senate campaign, and helped him fund raise. earlier this summer, she got very political, passionately taking a stand for gun control and immigration reform. during a speech at harvard university. and just last week, she weighed in on the trayvon martin case. >> it's so easy during this time, trayvon martin, trayvon martin parallel to emmett till, let me just tell you. in my mind, same thing. but you can get stuck in that and not allow yourself to move forward and to see how far we have come. look at how far we have come. >> powerful words. so is there a political future ahead for oprah winfrey? who knows. be you can already see the fear coming from those right wing talkers. joining me now is joe madison. thanks for being here, joe. >> thank you, reverend sharpton. >> joe, you know everything oprah touches turns to gold, books, products, whatever she en
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)